Get Your SEO on Track: Insights to Identify Your Problems and Potential

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Get Your SEO on Track: Insights to Identify Your Problems and Potential

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Atcore has analysed a range of services and tools on the Search Engine Optimisation market. We’ve tried and evaluated different software packages and SaaS solutions and realised, that most of them offers interesting solutions and features but none of them could give us the insights and options to cover all the aspects of handling global, multilingual clients – until we found Searchmetrics.

We got the chance to thoroughly evaluate the Searchmetrics Suite when we had a client with specific needs. The client had apparent problems with their search rankings, visibility and direct leads from their many multilingual sites. It seemed something problematic had happened in all their markets and on all languages.

Atcore was asked to analyse and identify the problems and the huge drop in rankings and traffic and develop a strategy going forward to ensure the problem(s) were fixed and rankings could be restored and eventually increased.

Search ranking droping

Fixing SEO Errors on a Global Scale

One of the crucial features that eventually made Atcore choose Searchmetrics was the ability to analyse search engine rankings across multiple countries and languages. After analysing the visibility and development over time in more than 10 different countries we concluded that the significant drops were happening on all sites and that the error had to be found internally on-page and/or in the technical setup.

By setting up detailed dashboards on both SEO Visibility and Technical Site Errors we quickly identified the problems and could initiate a strategy to fix them and afterwards follow the development over time.

Once identified, the problems were able to be fixed and we could move on to work directly on increasing the rankings, traffic and leads coming into the sites in all countries. Searchmetrics Suite enabled us to follow the development in the recommended technical issues being implemented while monitoring the specific rankings in all markets.


All the SEO Tools in One Place

Being able to research, investigate, plan and execute on every single part of SEO is what eventually made Atcore choose to make Searchmetrics our partner. We use Searchmetrics on a daily basis on most clients for whom we do SEO consulting because it enables us to identify SEO problems initially and on an on-going basis.

Clients’ Competitors at a Glance

The ability to monitor our clients’ competitors’ SEO rankings and efforts, is highly valued and another important layer in SEO.


The detailed in-depth data about market changes, niche developments and fluctuations gives us the knowledge we need to make recommendations and assist our global clients in a way we would not be able to without the insights from Searchmetrics.

Proactive SEO – Know the Issues Before they Become Problems

In several cases Atcore and Searchmetrics have been able to spot and identify severe issues on clients sites before they became serious problems which would cause penalties and drop in rankings and traffic as a result.

Monitoring the rankings closely and in detail, enables us to see sudden changes and quickly identify whether they stem from general algorithmic changes, changes in the specific landscape in relation to competitors or if the changes are related to technical, internal content or links acquired or lost.

One example is a client who was experiencing a huge increase in SEO Visibility which was a positive thing at first glance. However, digging into the data we quickly realised that the increase in rankings was due to a nasty hack, gaining access to the site and posting irrelevant spam-content and links to other sites. What seemed to be a great situation was in fact a very severe and crucial problem that needed to be addressed quickly to prevent a penalty from Google and a huge drop in rankings.

Searchmetrics showed detailed information about which keywords were ranking and what pages on the site that gained these rankings. We could also identify a bunch of new links to the sites that the client knew about nor had any idea why they would link to.

If Atcore had not had the client setup in Searchmetrics, we would have taken a lot longer to identify the problem and put in a fix in due time to prevent any further damage.


Why You Should Choose a Searchmetrics Certified Partner

Getting acquainted with the options and being able to initiate strategic plans can be a lot of work and requires a deep understanding of SEO and how and where to react. Searchmetrics is not doing the actual SEO work, but powers you with a lot of information. Then it’s up to you (or your SEO partner) to actually execute on it.

By using a certified Searchmetrics consultant you’re able to reap the benefits quickly and effectively and thereby cut out all the frustration of deciding what is important and what gives the most value short and long term.

Atcore is a Sapphire Partner with Searchmetrics and have Certified Sales Consultants and Senior SEO Specialists with Certified Yellow and Green Belts. Certifications are very important to Atcore and because we’re certified, we are able to assist any site and customer in almost any language to exploit the benefits of professional SEO and Search Marketing. Because we are able to create detailed client-specific dashboards that includes every little detail needed to make data driven decisions Atcore has a unique perspective on SEO.

We offer extended support and knowledge about the Searchmetrics Suite to make sure our clients can focus on other parts of their business knowing that a team of professional certified consultants always keep an eye on their SEO and constantly strive to increase the visibility.

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Get Your SEO on Track: Insights to Identify Your Problems and Potential
5(100%) 4 votes

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